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    20 Benefits of Aloe Vera

    You certainly familiar with this one plant. Green plants are known to function nourish the hair and skin is smoothed type of vegetation that we often encounter in the home page.

    But you know if this plant has other benefits in addition to cosmetics. Here are some of the benefits of aloe vera plant:

    1. Cool the sunburned skin, especially for those who often work outdoors.

    2. Skin problems caused by the weather, such as dry skin, redness, flaking, and irritation or rash.

    3. Colors fade the redness of bruises on the body.

    4. Overcome the discomfort caused shaver.

    5. Cope with minor burns.

    6. Relieve the blisters.

    7. Can be used as an anti-aging cream to tackle wrinkles or.

    8. Treat rashes due to exposure to the sap of plants.

    9. Overcoming itching due to insect bites.

    10. Use every day to diminish scars and strecth mark, white stripes or red due to pregnancy.

    11. Caring for minor injuries caused by a knife cut or scratched.

    12. Tarnish spots blackish spots on the skin.

    13. Can be useful as a substitute for hair conditioner and jelly.

    14. Can be used to reduce acne.

    15. Used to speed up the healing of canker sores.

    16. Can be used as a natural body lotion.

    17. To relieve muscle spasm or strain.

    18. Used to reduce complaints on gum problems.

    19. Reduce dandruff on the head.

    20. Overcoming water fleas.

    IOS 7 prone burglarized

    Apple introduced a number of new features that refreshing the mobile operating system , including the Control Center , which is very useful for accessing a number of regulatory functions without opening the Settings menu . However , implementation of these features are still not perfect because the Control Center later found to contain a dangerous bug that allows irresponsible people accessing user data .As reported by Business Insider , the Control Center can be used to penetrate the locked iPhone . 

    True to open a locked iPhone must enter a passcode , but because of a bug in the Control Center , the four digit password is not necessary anymore .The trick was relatively easy , simply by calling the Lock Screen feature by sweeping a finger from the bottom of the screen , run the Clock app , open up the alarm , press and hold the power button .Then , click the icon " Cancel " that appears , and then press the " home " twice . 

    The "Home " have retained a bit long when pressed for the second time .After that , the device will display a menu iOS7 multitasking . From here , all running applications can be accessed , ranging from Twitter , e - mail , even pictures if the camera happened to be the active application . For more details , please see the video below from this point on the 50th ( 00:50 ) .Ars Technica reports that this trick can be done on the iPhone 4S , iPhone 5 , iPod touch 5th generation , and the iPad Mini . It may be all Apple mobile devices has been updated to iOS7 has the same drawbacks .another gapAccess Control Center from the Lock Screen can also be used to turn off the feature " Find my iPhone / iPad " from the actual device passcode locked .  

    The trick is to turn on the " Airplane Mode " from the control panel which can be summoned from the lock screen without the need to enter the password .All manner of connection was turned off and the device can not be traced iOS7 . It certainly has the potential to harm the user to lose and want to track the device . Siri can also be used to turn on Airplane Mode by voice command .Actually , the tracking can be stopped by turning off the device in question . However , the above trick can benefit thieves who want to keep alive the iPhone / iPad ( for example, when going to break the PIN code ) without the risk of being tracked .Apple has issued an official statement on the issue and said the channel would soon iOS7 update to resolve the issue .Prior to that , there are easy ways that can be done as a temporary solution , which is enough to turn off access to the Control Center in Lock Screen from the menu " Settings > Control Center > Access on Lock Screen " .

    Benefits of Acai Berry For Healthy Body

    Benefits of Acai Berry For Healthy Body - Many people who do not understand and know what is acai berry fruit . Acai berry is a fruit of a type of palm tree that many ditermukan in the southern U.S. states .
    Acai berry is a fruit of natural fruits that contain lots of antioxidants that are beneficial to our health . Due to extremely high antioxidant content , acai berry fruit is a favorite food consumed by the people of the country of origin. Acai berry fruit is also efficacious for treating prostrate on the body and increases the body's energy when doing strenuous activities .
    There are several benefits of acai berry for our health , such as :
    1 . for diet
    Very important properties of the acai berry fruit can help weight loss diet . Acai berry fruit contains a lot of vit . and minerals are effectual to lower the weight and helps in the formation of muscle . Acai berry has the combined levels of amino acids , essential fatty acids and phytosterols that help aid digestion , increase metabolism and appetite delay .
    2 . contains Antioxidants
    Acai berry fruit contains many antioxidants to kill toxins or free radicals in the body and increase blood circulation throughout the body . Acai berries contain high levels of anthocyanins , fiber , protein and omega 6 and 9 fatty acids that are friendly to the body to protect heart health . Essential fatty acids in the acai berry is also useful to control and regulate the cholesterol content in the body .
    Anthocyanins contained in the acai berry fruit is not only helping to raise blood circulation but also help soothe blood vessels as well as to avoid blood clots . The combination of heart health and good blood circulation system is useful when accelerating wound healing physically .
    Acai berry fruit contains many phytonutrients such as anthocyanins and resveratrol which is useful when risk neutralize the effects of free radicals in the body . Amino acids contained in the acai berry help cure people with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritiser ( inflammation of muscles and joints ) . Among the important properties of the acai berry contains similar properties that have anti- virus and antibiotics that help prevent and get rid of the disease currently .
    There is research showing that consuming acai berry regularly can avoid cancer . Anthocyanins in acai berry helps prevent carcinogenesis ( cancer formation system ) at the molecular level that lead to tumor cell death . Therefore , people with leukemia should include acai berry in their daily diet list to destroy some leukemia cells .
    Currently it has a lot of fruit acai berry products are widely distributed both in the form of juice , powder and capsules . With the content of the extraordinary benefits of the acai berry , it could not hurt us begin to taste the fruit of the body 's health .

    Persamaan Eksponen

    persamaan eksponen.
    1. Bila x_{1} dan x_{2} penyelesaian dari persamaan 2^{2x}-6.2^{x+1}+32=0 dengan x_{1}>x_{2}. maka nilai dari 2x_{1}+x_{2}=.... (UAN 2009)
    misalkan 2^{x} = p, maka persamaan 2^{2x}-6.2^{x+1}+32=0 , kita ubah menjadi
    \left(2^{x}\right)^{2}- 6.2^{x}.2 + 32 = 0
    \left(2^{x}\right)^{2}- 12.2^{x} + 32 = 0
    subtitusi 2^{x}=p pada persamaan diatas, sehingga menjadi
    kita dapatkan p = 8 atau p = 4.
    untuk p = 8 , 2^{x}=8 , x = 3 dan
    p = 4, 2^{x}= 4, x = 2, karena x_{1}>x_{2}, maka nilai dari 2x_{1}+x_{2}= 2.3 +2 = 8
    2. Diketahui 2^{2x}+2^{-2x}=23. Nilai 2^{x}+2^{-x} = ... (UAN 2001)
    Ingat bentuk \left(a+b\right)^{2}= a^{2}+2a.b+b^{2}, sehingga kita dapatkan :
    \left(2^{x}+2^{-x}\right)^{2}= \left(2^{x}\right)^{2}+\left(2^{-x}\right)^{2}+2.2^{x-x}
    \left(2^{x}+2^{-x}\right)^{2}= 2^{2x}+2^{-2x}+ 2.1
    \left(2^{x}+2^{-x}\right)^{2}= 23 + 2 =25
    jadi \left(2^{x}+2^{-x}\right)^{2}=25 sehingga nilai dari
    2^{x}+2^{-x} = \pm 5
    karena 2^{x}> 0, maka nilai dari 2^{x}+2^{-x} =  5
    3. Himpunan penyelesaian dari 8^{x-1}=32^{5 + 2x} adalah …. (EBT 91).
    Penyelesaian soal ini dengan merubah 8 dan 32 menjadi bilangan 2^{3} dan 2^{5}
    8^{x-1}=32^{5 + 2x}
    \left(2^{3}\right)^{x-1}=\left(2^{5}\right)^{5 + 2x}
    2^{3x-3}=2^{25+10x} sehingga kita dapatkan
    3x - 3 = 25 + 10x
    -7x = 28
    x = -4
    Jadi penyelesaiannya adalah {-4}.
    4. Penyelesaian persamaan 3^{2x^{2}+5x-3}=27^{2x+3} adalah \alpha dan \beta . Nilai dari \alpha \times \beta adalah ….
    Penyelesaian ini dengan merubah 27 menjadi bilangan berpangkat yaitu 3^{3}. sehingga kedua ruas mempunyai bilangan pokok yang sama yaitu 3.
    sehingga kita dapatkan persamaan:
    2x^{2}-x-12=0, kita ingat jika \alpha dan \beta adalah solusi dari persamaan di atas, maka kita dapatkan
    \alpha \times \beta = \frac{c}{a}. (jumlh dan hasil kali akar-akar persamaan kuadrat).
    dari persamaan 2x^{2}-x-12=0, didapat a = 2, b = -1 dan c = -12, sehingga
    \alpha \times \beta = \frac{-12}{2}= -6 .
    Jadi nilai dari \alpha \times \beta = -6 .

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